Research findings by Dr. Keita Tsujimura’s team have been published in Cell Reports

The research team of Dr. Tsujimura has revealed the mechanism of fate determination of neural stem cells by neurodevelopmental disorder Rett syndrome causative gene MeCP2.
Dr.Tsujimura has contributed this research as one of corresponding authors.

Nakashima, H., Tsujimura, K.#, Irie, K., Imamura, T., Trujillo, CA., Ishizu, M. Uesaka, M., Miao, Pan., Noguchi, H., Andoh-Noda, T., Okano, H., and Nakashima, K.#. MeCP2 controls neural stem cell fate specification through miR-199a-mediated inhibition of BMP-Smad signaling, Cell Rep, 35(7), 109124 (2021).
# Corresponding author