Message from Director

Ikue Mori, PhD Director, Neuroscience Institute of the Graduate School of Science
					Professor, Group of Molecular Neurobiology, Division of Biological Science Nagoya University

I am pleased to announce that Neuroscience Institute (NSI) was established in April of 2017, in the Graduate School of Science, aiming to solve fundamental questions in Neuroscience by rigorous scientific approaches.

We humans are equipped with superior mind of great flexibility and the ability to behave differently according to various circumstances, whereby enabling to live through constantly changing environment. Besides, artists produce their work, composers create musical pieces, novelists write stories, and scientists conduct creative researches. Innumerable creative human activities that underlie the driving force for the accomplishment of “breakthrough”, “originality”, “innovation”, “persistence” and so forth are implemented in our brain. How are flexibility and plasticity expressed in the brain?

NSI challenges to address these long-standing mysteries in history of Neuroscience, through the elucidation of the mechanisms underlying information processing of the neural circuits in small brain model animals. Nagoya University owns an unprecedented scientific environment, where many scientists are gathered to work on information processing of the nervous systems using small-scale model organisms such as C. elegans, fruit fly and zebrafish.

We hope to bring the groundbreaking concepts into the field of brain science, and make NSI serve as a hub of the worldwide exchanges of researches and ideas among excellent scientists. In the future perspective, we expect to expand our researches to understand the biological bases of human activities including vocal and non-vocal communications, entrepreneurship, changes in economical and political trends, and artistic activities.

The research activities in NSI include the elucidation of mechanistic insights into mental and neurological disorders and aging, which are most likely caused by the breakdown of brain functions. In this regard, we are grateful to Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd, one of the major food companies in Japan, for the concurrent foundation of Nutritional Neuroscience lab in NSI.

Please come and visit NSI of Nagoya University, and let’s commence discussing about the brain!

Ikue Mori, PhD
Director, Neuroscience Institute of the Graduate School of Science
Professor, Group of Molecular Neurobiology, Division of Biological Science
Nagoya University

Overview of the Institute

NSI is a unique neuroscience institute in that it aims to understand animal behaviors comprehensively and thoroughly from the level of sub-cellular neuronal functions. Towards this end, NSI takes advantage of small-scale brains extensively to study neuronal functions at high-spatiotemporal resolution. Model organisms studied in NSI, nematodes, fruit flies and small fishes, are available for intense application of state-of-the-art techniques in genetics, molecular biology, neuronal imaging and optogenetics. By promoting these experimental investigations together with large-scale image analysis and theoretical neuroscience based on mathematical modeling, NSI will lead the understanding of flexible information processing exerted by our brain.


Section of Nagoya Research Center for Brain & Neural Circuits (Nagoya BNC)

1. Group of Molecular Neurobiology
Professor Ikue Mori (Director)
Lecturer Shunji Nakano
Assistant Professor Yuki Tsukada
Designated Assistant Professor Hironori J. Matsuyama
Designated Assistant Professor Jang MoonSun
2. Group of Neural Circuit
Professor Azusa Kamikouchi
Lecturer Yuki Ishikawa
Assistant Professor Ryoya Tanaka
Postdoctoral fellow Matthew Paul Su
3. Group of Brain Function and Development
Designated Lecturer Keita Tsujimura
Collaborative Staffs
Visiting Professor Hiroaki Kitano (President, CEO and Director, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.)
Guest staff Hidetoshi Komatsu
(General Manager, Medical Affairs Department, Kyowa Pharmaceutical Industry
Co., Ltd.)
Guest staff Josephine Galipon
(Designated Assistant Professor, The Institute for Advanced Biosciences (IAB),
Keio University)
Former Member
Designated Professor Young-Jai YOU(~2020.9)
Designated Lecturer Tsunehiko Kohashi(~2019.6)
Designated Lecturer Hiroko Bannai (~2016.3)

Section of Industry-Academia-Collaboration

Group of Nutritional Neuroscience
Designated Associate Professor Hiroshi Ishimoto
Researcher Hisako Nakagawa
Researcher Masaru Tanaka
Researcher Nanae Matsumoto
Research collaborator Kentaro Noma
Visiting Professor Teiichi Tanimura

Affiliated institutions

  • National Institute for Physiological Sciences (Japan)
  • Toyohashi University of Technology (Japan)
  • University of Tokyo (Japan)
  • Kyoto University (Japan)
  • Tohoku University (Japan)
  • Kyushu Univeristy (Japan)
  • Harvard Medical School (USA)
  • HHMI Janelia Farm Research Campas (USA)
  • Inha University (Republic of Korea)
  • University of Freiburg (Germany)
  • National Taiwan University (Taiwan)